We now offer a very useful service for our customers which is the supply and fit of Quick Release Spring bars (QRSB) to all of our straps. If you’re not used to fitting straps to your watches on a regular basis then this will make the process much easier.


You won’t need a tool to fit or remove a strap. If you are fitting one of our straps to a modern piece it’s unlikely that the watch will have drilled lug holes, so you will need a specific tool and even with a tool it’s quite difficult to do and easy to damage the strap and more importantly the watch case.


The strap can be removed by sliding the nub to the left with your fingernail and the reverse for fitting the strap to your watch. We can offer this for 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22mm straps.


You can select the option at checkout and we’ll make sure that your strap is supplied and fitted with Quick Release Spring Bars before it’s shipped.

About us

"Molequin was formed at the beginning of 2016 and was created based on three defining principles"


To only use leather skins from ethical sources. All of our skins are sourced from French farmers that conform to global legislation, governing the farming and sustainability within our industry.


To make sure that all of our products are produced to the highest standards. Our French Atelier only uses the best quality materials and workmanship.


In an age dominated by throw away consumerism and fleeting fads, we strive to build a business based on touch, feel and reassurance. The ideologies that less is more and that style is enduring are lofty goals that we aspire to.


A meeting of minds, a melting pot of cultures steeped in AngloFrench ideologies and bridging the gap between generations probably best describes Michael's and Sidney's vision. From those early days when the office was the kitchen table to becoming an established brand has taken sacrifice, dedication and an almost obsessive attention to detail.


An aspirational element to our offering has been an intense focus on quality and craftmanship. Our production is all based in France which is steeped in a history of producing the best leather products in the world. We've been able to draw on a pool of talent with skills that have been passed on for generations.


We understand the importance of provenance, especially in our industry, so we've made it our mission to know with clarity every part of our supply chain. Our provenace remains and will continue to be French. From the very best skins to the very best tanneries. Ethical practices that apply to both animals and employees are a pre-requisite for doing business with Molequin.

Free Worldwide shipping with UPS

We've partnered with UPS, who have shipped our products from our warehouse in Brussels to every corner of the globe for over half a decade. In that time the number of packages that have been lost can be counted on one hand. We made a decision to introduce free global shipping with UPS as we wanted to give something back to you our customers for all the support you've given us over the years.


We also produce straps and accessories for many of the large online and bricks and mortar retailers around the world. If you're looking for a reliable supplier to get your strap venture off the ground, get in touch though our wholesale page and we can help you get started..