About us


The question we seemed to get asked the most is how to pronounce "Molequin", not what it actually means. So lets start in that order. The Pronunciation is not actually that tough. We'll spell it phonetically MOL - A - CAA, perfect....:-)

It's a very old French word that refers to the name of a colour. The colour is green. Once we find the perfect alligator hide in that unmistakable Molequin colour, it will be free straps for everyone. When we find it that is..

So why and how did Molequin come about? It all started over dinner, when a Belgian Hermes trained strap maker, an English vintage watch collector and a French leather and colour specialist started discussing all the glorious variations in watch strap design and how much they all loved exotic leathers and would like to see more used as watch straps.

After spending an insane amount of time learning about various types of leather and producing a mountain of prototypes, we arrived at our first range of straps made up of an exotic mix of Ostrich, Buffalo, Alligator and Cavallo and have not looked back since.

Our ethos is simple. We will not compromise on the quality of our service and the quality of our product, because we really believe that they are one and the same.

Our straps are all made in Belgium and the buckles are all machined in Switzerland. The skins are ethically sourced from suppliers around the world that conform to global legislation that govern the farming of exotic skins such as Alligator.