About us


Molequin* was formed at the beginning of 2016 and was created based on three defining principles;

The Molequin Mantra

1) To only use leather skins from ethical sources. All of our skins are ethically sourced from suppliers around the world that conform to global legislation that govern the farming of exotic skins such as Alligator.

2) To make sure that all of our products are produced to the highest standards. We will only use the best quality materials and workmanship;

3) And lastly, our customers are the most important part of our business. We will always strive to make your experience with us perfect from beginning to end.

We will not compromise on the quality of our service and the quality of our product, because we really believe that they are one and the same.

Our offices are located in Brussels, Belgium arguably the heart of Europe. Our skins are sourced from tanneries in France and Italy and all of our production takes place in France and Belgium.

We continue to evolve by sourcing new products and materials. From double tanned calf skin from arguably the best tanneries in the world to the design and development of hardware such as buckles.

In an age dominated by throw away consumerism and fleeting fads, we strive to build a business based on touch, feel and reassurance. The ideologies that less is more and that style is enduring are lofty goals that we aspire to.

Welcome to our world, we hope you join us on our journey.