For the last 115 years and spanning five generations the Horween Tannery in Chicago has been making Shell Cordovan. It's an Equine leather which comes from a very specific part of the animal, the rump. Of the specialist tanneries around the world that can produce this leather, Horween is considered to be the very best. 

Shell Cordovan has a very tight membrane and no grain structure, in fact when you run your hand along this leather in both directions it feels like glass.  The irregular shaped shells are tanned, hot stuffed, shaved and polished, a process taking at least six months. They're then subjected to vegetable tanning using bark extracts and other natural dyes. The final process involves the hand application of dyes and glazing to create that trademark deep glossy aniline finish.  It takes skill and years of experience to create this beautiful leather. 

Horweens traditions and dedication to quality is something that we here at Molequin also aspire to. Using Horween Shell Cordovan® for this collection means that our customers will get to experience it’s incredible qualities, from the way it softens and patines to the subtle change of colour over time. It really is like no other.