Smooth Oxblood Red

Red is always a difficult colour to get right. It's fine for accents on straps, but can be tricky when its the colour of the strap itself. This red is just the right amount of subdued so that it leans towards elegant and classy as opposed to shouty. The colours are beautiful and make for very striking watch straps. The leather is super soft and again very thin, making it extremely comfortable to wear. 

Lining: We use a premium calf leather which prolongs the life of our straps by creating a barrier between the leather of the strap and your skin. Prevents damage from excess moisture and sweat.

Strap length: 115/75mm (medium)

Thickness: A uniform 2.2mm. Making this an exceptionally thin strap and very comfortable on the wrist.

Buckle: 16mm - Choice of either our standard polished buckle (pictured) or our Premium Buckle - read more about our premium buckle here

The Premium Buckle is not available for the 22mm strap. This will come fitted with our standard brushed buckle.

Quick Release Spring Bars are available as an option at checkout - read more about them here

Please note that colours can vary slightly to the ones shown as each hide is unique.

*Customs/duties are the responsibility of the buyer

Spring Bars