Rolex Datejust (1968) Ref: 1611 18K Florentine - SOLD

Brand: Rolex

Reference: 1611 Datejust in solid 18k gold

Serial: 1,68X,XXX

Year: 1968

Dial: An incredibly rare "Bricks" blue jean dial. The reason for the name is because of the pattern on the dial. It looks like a brick wall, with line after line of blue blocks in varying blue shades, creating a beautiful effect that really makes the dial come alive. This is the first one we've ever seen for sale.The contrast between the 18k vintage gold and the deep blue of the dial is stunning. All lume plots on the dial are intact and match the original gold hands. 

Case: 36mm. The 18k case is in excellent condition, without any pitting or deep scratches. The striking finish to the bezel is called a Florentine finish and is how the watch left the Rolex factory. The Florentine work was all done by hand and continues onto the bracelets centre links. 

Bracelet: Luckily the 18k jubilee bracelet is long enough to accommodate a medium sized wrist (up to approx 17.5cms). Some stretch, but in overall excellent condition with a solid clasp. Cear 1/68 stamp making it a perfect match to the watch.

Movement: Original automatic winding Rolex Caliber 1570. 

Our view: The rarity of the 1611 is clear when some research is done. They never come up for sale and if they do, they are usually on a strap or with a relatively bland dial. This 1611 has everything going for it, perfect dial, in a stunning colour and that incredible bracelet. Prices for this end of the vintage rolex market are starting to move as collectors start to look for sub 10K watches.

Accessories: Non 

Price : SOLD

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