Copy of 1966 Rolex Submariner Ref: 5513 - SOLD

Brand: Rolex

Reference: 5513 Gilt Submariner

Serial: 1,39X,XXX

Year: 1966

Dial: Very good honest dial with egg shell plots and matching hands. All plots are intact with no cratering. The dial has aged well and has retained some gloss. Some light spotting has developed over time. There are no drag marks, scratches, chips, cracks or oil marks. 

Case: In excellent condition. The fat lugs suggest that the case is untouched. There are normal marks and scratches associated with a case that has never seen a polishing wheel. No pitting or deep scratches.  

Accessories: Rare Full Set with a Punched Guarantee paper dated 17th February 1967 and an inner box. Comes on a period correct 1966 C+I rivet bracelet. 

Price : SOLD