# 2 - Sidney Grzclaczk

"Part of my job description is to make sure that we don’t fall into the trap of the mundane and ordinary. On a personal level, my inspiration comes from always striving to create the very best experience for our customers, which ultimately is the primary focus at Molequin.

For our second offering through L’Atelier, I wanted to focus on the technical as well as the aesthetic. As water is considered the enemy of leather, I wanted to confront this problem head on. This strap is cut from a calf nubuck with a cutting edge water repellant treatment. This prevents water splashes from damaging the strap and when combined with our signature hypoallergenic calf skin lining, you’re also protected from moisture and sweat. The only limitation is that we don’t recommend that you swim wearing the strap"

Who is Sidney?

Born and raised in the South of France and eventually arrived in Brussels via Paris and London. An Art School Graduate, he’s found his place in a fast moving creative environment after forming Molequin in 2016 with Michael Luther. Responsible for the creative flow of the brand from visuals to product development. 

Lining:  We use a premium hypoallergenic calf leather which prolongs the life of our straps by creating a barrier between the leather of the strap and your skin. Prevents excessive damage from moisture and sweat.

Strap length:  115/75mm (medium) and 105/70mm (short)

Thickness:  A uniform 2.3mm. Making this a thin and very comfortable strap on the wrist.

Buckle:  16mm - Choice of either our standard brushed buckle (pictured), our Premium Buckle or either our Brushed or Polished Gold buckles - read more about our buckles here

Quick Release Spring Bars are available as an option at checkout - read more about them here

Shipping: Worldwide Shipping with our Global Logistics partner UPS is FREE 

*Customs/duties are the responsibility of the buyer

**Please read before purchase. The strap is not waterproof and cannot be submerged underwater. It is water repellent and will guard against splashes and will not water stain. Please feel free to email is at hello@molequin.com if you have any questions..