# 8 - George Cramer

Who is George Cramer?

George Cramer’s love of all things Cartier blossomed in the late 70's, early 80’s with the launch of the iconic Santos. Over the years he’s garnered a following through watch forums, instragram and numerous Cartier articles in Revolution Magazine, Quill & Pad, Fratello Watches and Troisanneaux.

On top of all of this, he still found the time to publish the seminal reference “Cartier, The Gentleman Files”. A comprehensive publication spanning five decades of Cartier horological history, from the late 70’s to around 2019.

With Cartier currently basking in a huge renaissance, bringing such a seasoned collector on board for our 8th L’Atelier was perfect timing. His enthusiasm and passion for Cartier is infectious. As the project started to develop we realised that we were onto something very special. 


But...who is George Cramer - we sat down for a little Q&A

1) What was the spark that ignited your Cartier flame?

That spark was without doubt, the ‘Santos' that Cartier released in 1978. In the 80's I was designing album covers for a record company, so everything in my life was square. The Santos with its square steel case with golden screws, fitted right into my life and for me it was the ultimate piece that represented my style, in an appropriate way.

2) Besides watches what else gets you firing on all cylinders?

Besides watches it’s photography that keeps me busy. Not only taking great pictures, but also the camera market itself and the differences between the various formats, fascinates me enormously. When I’m when travelling, I love to stroll through the streets and shoot interesting architecture and smart looking locations.

3) Many Cartier aficionados consider you the go-to reference for all things Cartier, but can you tell us a little about the man who is George Cramer?

Sure, my background is Art School / graphic design and I had to travel a lot for work. In a way this helped me to get to know the world better, but it also got me addicted to short city trips. Although I really love nature, cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and Budapest, have always inspired me. 

4) Do you think this re-newed interest in Cartier is here to stay and does it extend beyond CPCP?

CPCP has become extremely popular and I have a feeling that Cartier thought it was a bit of a pity that they stopped the CPCP series in 2008, to make way for High End time pieces. But 'La Maison' is now back on track with the new 'Cartier Privé’ that was introduced a couple of years back. It’s a series which is in fact quite similar to CPCP,  regarding movements, style and dimensions, but the dials have a different more modern look. ‘Cartier Privé' can be seen as an extension of CPCP

5) What was your inspiration behind this wonderful L’Atelier project? 

Molequin is one of the few companies that could easily be my own company, when it comes to style, the mix of products and the way they handle their product line. They're passionate about what they do and when they asked for my help to brainstorm on a new project, I thought the job was made for me. I didn't need a moment to think it over. I am thrilled with this little travel case, which actually pays homage to Cartier and should be the 'Must Have' for every Cartier owner. 


As a part of this very special L’Atelier we’d like to offer a custom strap for your Cartier minus the custom fee which is €25. Will take about 10 to 15 working days and will be made to fit your Cartier deployant. This offer is only in conjunction with L’Atelier No8. Contact us at mto@molequin.com with your strap requirements.


Dimensions - 7.5cms x 9cms x 6.5ms 

Will fit watches up to 46mm including the crown and pushers

Shipping: Worldwide Shipping with our Global Logistics partner UPS is FREE 

*Customs/duties are the responsibility of the buyer