# 5 - Jacek Kozubek

  • "The strap and why it's fun is a reminder of not taking yourself seriously. Life is an adventure."

Jacek Kozubek

Who is Jacek Kozubek?

If you're a collector of vintage watches, then you would have undoubtedly heard of Jacek, you may have bought a watch from him. He is everything a watch dealer should be and over the last 15 years he's built a stellar reputation as one of the best. He has a soft spot for early 60's submariners and some of the most important pieces from that era have passed through his hands. His ethos that "collecting is a very personal thing and shouldn't be about what other people are wearing", runs though his life. His relaxed and happy go lucky nature makes him an absolute pleasure to deal with and to spend time with. A true collector at heart, you'll find his San Francisco home adorned with modern art and 70's furniture.

Our 5th L'Atelier project represents Jacek's brand colours for his company Tropical Watch LLC. We took one of our best selling leathers, Grained Hunter Green and gave it the Tropical Watch treatment, with a fabulous sunburst yellow lining and accents and  as Jacek so perfectly put it, "the strap.. is a reminder of not taking yourself seriously".

Lining:  We've used a very high quality french grained calf skin, usually only reserved for the outer part of the strap.

Strap length:  115/75mm (medium) and 105/70mm (short)

Thickness:  A uniform 2.3mm. Making this a thin and very comfortable strap on the wrist.

Buckle:  16mm standard stainless steel brushed buckle (pictured)

You can option Quick Release Spring Bars for all three straps as an option below - read more about them here

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