We were lucky enough to source our calf skin from a French tannery that supply skins to some of the most iconic luxury leather goods retailers in the world. We are very excited to be able to offer these stunning skins exclusively to our customers.

Smooth Calf Skin

It's buttery smooth, super thin and has a matte finish. The skin is double tanned in chrome and vegetable dyes and then soaked in a mix of nine different oils over a 5 to 6 week process. It will develop a patina over time because it has no aniline finish and can absorb oil. It comes in two classic colours, chocolate brown and cognac and is lined with our premium toffee lining.

Soft Calf Skin

This is another exceptional leather from the French tannery that supplies our Smooth Calf Skin. It is almost as smooth and is also double tanned. Where it really excels is in its softness and ability to absorb dye. The colours are beautiful and make for very striking watch straps. The leather is super soft and again very thin, making it the most comfortable strap in our entire collection. It is also lined with our premium toffee tan lining.

Grained Calf Skin

Finally, another French leather that is used extensively for very high end hand bags and leather goods. It's an embossed grain calf skin. It has a little more structure than the other Calk Skin straps, but it is still super thin and very comfortable on the wrist. Comes in some beautiful colours that you won't find in regular strap collections. These straps are also lined with our premium toffee tan lining.