We've worked very hard over the years to design and manufacture watch cases that are perfect for travelling with. Hence our UltraSlim® series was born and has proved a great success. However, there are so many watches that just don't lie flat and integrated bracelets albeit very comfortable on the wrist just can't be stored in our UltraSlim® cases.

We wanted to plug this gap in our offering. Our absolute favourite solution is the Oval with cushions secured by snaps. Each watch is protected by a divider, so they dont knock into each other and are super easy to fit and remove. Four different sizes in four different colours go to make up the collection.

We did launch a range of Ovals a few years back, but decided to go back to the drawing board. We've slightly remodelled the cases and improved a number of functional elements. We've also worked very closely with Alcantara® in Italy to produce a range of colours that will work well with our new Saffiano Calf skin leather.

All our leathers are tanned in France. We only use the very highest quality calf skin. All our products are designed and manufactured in house..