# 3 - The Davidoff Brothers

"We wanted to see something with a modern twist and that involved some precision work to bring the best out of our strap maker.

We love Nubuck for its texture and the way it ages over time. So with that decision made, we just had to choose a color. A classic tan was our first idea, but as we’re vintage guys, we felt something that radiated a warm gilt tone was even richer. A colour that would really bring out those gilt dials that we all love so much.

We pushed for a contrast edge that would represent a more raw and natural approach. We were told that contrast edging a strap is no easy task and takes years of practice to edge with precision. We’re glad we held out for this as we couldn't have been happier with the final result.

Lastly, we asked for a contrast keepers, not only is it a nice detail and gives the strap a cool casual vibe, we wanted to use a leather that would patinate over time and double tanned french calf skin apparently does this very well".
Roy & Sacha Davidoff 


Who are the Davidoff Brothers?

Two brothers, Roy and Sacha Davidoff based in Geneva. Vintage specialists, with over 40 years of combined experience, they’re considered to be the reference when it comes to anything vintage Omega. Together they’ve helped build a cohesive vintage Omega market by working closely with the Omega museum, being published and curating the seminal The Ultimate Speedmaster Exhibition in 2015.

Both avid collectors first and foremost, their private collection spans watches from the 40’s through to the 80’s. This knowledge and passion for vintage watches culminated in the founding of ROY & SACHA DAVIDOFF SA.

If you ever find yourself in Geneva, then their fabulous boutique is a must visit.


Lining:  We use a premium hypoallergenic calf leather which prolongs the life of our straps by creating a barrier between the leather of the strap and your skin. Prevents excessive damage from moisture and sweat.

Strap length:  115/75mm (medium) and 105/70mm (short)

Thickness:  A uniform 2.3mm. Making this a thin and very comfortable strap on the wrist.

Buckle:  16mm - Choice of either our standard brushed buckle (pictured), our Premium Buckle or either our Brushed or Polished Gold buckles - read more about our buckles here

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