Through our Made To Order service we have come to appreciate the individuality of our customers and their desire to create something unique. From a decadent alligator watch case to that special strap for that special watch.

It's allowed us to experiment with colours, stitch styles and different leathers. From time to time, a product is created that we just know would be appreciated by our customers, but we just don’t have enough leather or variety of colours to add it to our regular collections.

From this the idea of L'Atelier was born. The concept is a simple one. Every month we’ll collaborate with a special guest to produce a product. It won't always be a strap, but it will be a leather product. We’ll then produce this in one colour and anywhere between five and thirty pieces and offer it for sale through the Atelier section of our website.

Limited editions in very small numbers cut from very sought after leather is a project that we're delighted to be able to introduce.