Alligator skins are undoubtedly the most prestigious and sought after leather in the luxury goods market. Our alligator straps are made from both the centre section of the belly which has very square uniform scales that are the most desirable and the most expensive and also the side flanks of the skin which is a rounder scale. The round scale straps are just as beautiful as square scale, but as the skin is a little cheaper, we've introduced these as our entry level Alligator strap 

Alligator skins stand out for their exceptional softness and flexibility. The lack of calcium in the skin leaves the tanned hide incredibly soft, with a butter-like suppleness. This allows alligator skin to bend easily without creasing. Alligator has just about every quality you would need for the perfect strap.

Since 2016, we've come a long way in developing our understanding of this majestic leather and how we can really produce the very best straps possible. We started by working on padding the strap, but ever so tastefully. Just enough to stretch the skin a little to highlight those stunning scales. We've then added a few secret touches that make the straps our own. From the very fine stitch work to the very thin tip that will allow you to easily use your own deployant clasp. Some clasps (especially Patek) require the tip to be very thin to work.

We offer the square scale straps in both short and medium lengths and also in 18, 19, 20 and 21mm. Our round sale straps are available in medium lengths and in an assortment of lug widths.

All our Alligator skins are ethically sourced and for all orders outside the EU we will only ship with correct documentation. This is our duty and responsibility as a strap maker.