What to consider when choosing a strap

November 18, 2017

What to consider when choosing a strap

Of all the questions we get asked by customers, this has to be the most common and for good reason. Choosing a strap can be quite a difficult task and inevitably, we tend to go for a safe colour that won't surprise us when it's finally on the watch. Anything out of the ordinary and its just too far a stretch to the part of the brain that co-ordinates strap and watch. 

1) The first piece of advice we tend to give is that choosing a strap is a very personal exercise. Only you can really settle on a colour and skin that suits your taste and lifestyle. 

2) Matching an accent on a watch is a great start. It really makes that detail pop and will provide a balanced look. 

3) We do tend to group colours for lifestyle - blue, grey and black lean more towards the dress watch and a formal environment. Whereas the lighter colours are more casual/weekend. There are always exceptions to this - such as the JLC Reverso on a tan ostrich or alligator strap. 

4) There are also a group of colours that are just special in their own right i.e. green, light blue etc. colours that don't really fit easily into a category. These are pretty much stand alone and work more on your taste and ability to colour co-ordinate. 

5) All rounders. Some straps just tend to look great on everything we pair them with, such as Tan or Grey straps. Patina on a vintage watch is also worth looking at closely as some lighter straps can match perfectly. 

As already mentioned, it's a very personal choice and is just a matter of taking your time. We have a ton of images on our instagram account, so if you're stuck for ideas go take a look.

If you need some advice, don't hesitate getting in touch.