Quick Release Spring Bars

December 03, 2017

Quick Release Spring Bars

We now offer a very useful service for our customers which is the supply and fit of Quick Release Spring bars (QRSB) to all of our straps. If you're not used to fitting straps to your watches on a regular basis then this will make the process much easier. You won't need a tool to fit or remove a strap. If you are fitting one of our straps to a modern piece it's unlikely that the watch will have drilled lug holes, so you will need a specific tool and even with a tool it's quite difficult to do and easy to damage the strap and more importantly the watch case.

The strap can be removed by sliding the nub to the right with your fingernail and the reverse for fitting the strap to your watch. We can offer this for 18, 19, 20 and 22mm straps. 

You can select the option at checkout and we'll make sure that your strap is supplied and fitted with Quick Release Spring Bars before it's shipped.